Hyperone is a Systems Integrator based in Moscow. It consist of a group of it-companies, established in 2014, working in B2B sector of Russian IT Market.

Our customers are public sector and commercial companies. They represent a wide variety of industries, such as Banking and Finance, Fuel and Energy, Manufacturing, Service Providers, Logistics and many others. We are open to IT cooperation with international partners.

Hypeone specializes in hardware/software sales and installations. Company also implemet projects for IT infrastructures that require optimized solutions for network management, servers, data storage systems, application deployment and system integration.

Hyperone offers networking equipment, servers, storage systems, software, services and other products from major IT vendors: APC, DELL, CISCO, HPE, MICROSOFT, VERITAS, VMWARE, XEROX, etc.

Hyperone obtained many partnership statuses and competencies with major IT vendors:

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Our engineers are highly skilled and trained personnel, certified in the field of information security, unified communications, wireless networks, servers, data storage systems, coverged systems, clouds etc.


Street and Postal address: Butlerova str., 17, office 4022, 117342, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Phone: +74997557537
E-mail: info@hyperone.ru